New Sets and Features Added

Three new sets were added to the site today, Dragon Majesty, Lost Thunder and Team Up. As these sets have only been released recently there may not be much data available as not many cards have been graded yet and even less have been sold on eBay.

A new page was also added to our collection of Analytics - you can now view Total Sales Volume, which shows the total number of sales recorded by the site for each month along with the total amount of money those sales amounted to. This should give an high level view on the state of the market and will be interesting to watch over the next few years.

Lastly I've added a search feature to the site header to make it easier for everyone to find specific cards or groups or cards. All you need to do it type in any combination of Card Name, Set Name, Card Number, Holo or Reverse and you will be given suggestions as you type. Alternatively you can type something in and press enter and you will be taken to a page with all cards that match that result. For example you could type "Charizard", press enter and be taken to a page listing every charizard card on the site!

I hope you enjoy using the new features!

- Pierce

News post image for pokemon price 08/00/2019