New Sets & Data Submission

Forbidden Light and Celestial Storm have been added to the sets page, at the moment not a lot of cards have been graded for either set and there haven't been many graded sales on eBay either, so there isn't a lot of data available yet.

There's also now a way for everyone for submit eBay links for auctions that don't appear on the site or that you feel are incorrect and should be removed, you can do this via the Submit Data link in the menu. If a link is submitted it will be reviewed and added or removed if it's valid to do so, for anyone that submits data - thank you!

We've also fixed some issues that were preventing sales data for full art cards being recorded, all of those cards should now have sales data! Eg. The Hyper Rare Charizard from Burning Shadows.

Until the next update,

- Pierce

News post image for pokemon price 05/00/2018